Learning to fly a paramotor is life changing

WE teach people how to fly all year long

we provide high quality training & equipment is included

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10 day training courses available now

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$2500 training, free equipment rental

We have a fulltime paramotor training facility

our instructors fly, teach & train all over the world


You can learn to fly alone in 2 weeks 

Learn from one of the best Paramotor & Paragliding instructors


Getting prepared to learn with us

  • Start running, getting physically fit before your class begins. each day is a full day of learning a lot of information, be focused

  • lifting 45-60 pounds of gear is common in PPG

  • complete your homework - we provide your syllabus to you before your first class begins

  • Get ready to have the most fun you can imagine





  • Come for a free intro lesson at our training field to watch us fly anytime

  • Intro lessons $250 - which includes a kiting lesson, 20-30 minute flight where you can fly me around

  • Full Training Packages available for $2500 dollars to become a certified PPG Pilot up to USPPA PPG2 Level

  • *** We offer advanced courses as well as USPPA instructor courses for pilots & tandem pilot courses also (PPG3 required)***

  • We offer advanced level instructor courses as well for current instructors to learn the Paramotor Louisiana Syllabus, you can apprentice with us and learn how to teach in style

  • We fly Tandem Flights, also have the most experience with modern foot launch tandem flights in the usa


New classes every month, call for availability

we offer 10 day classes, must attend 8 days in a row

most of our students start flying around the 4th or 5th day

our alumni students are always welcome to come back to attend any future classes anytime forever for the rest of your life once you are part of Paramotor Louisiana Pilot program

We are known to provide the highest level of paramotor training available in the usa,

If you want to be the best, we can help you

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Experience the Freedom Now!


Learn to fly with us

  1. sign up at the top right of the website

  2. receive a call back within 24 hours

  3. reserve your spot with us in our next class

  4. Learn to fly on our gear, free rentals for class

  5. pass your tests and receive your PPG license

  6. Buy your own motor and wing

  7. we also sell reserve parachutes and helmets

  8. welcome to the family! lets go fly

  9. have fun, take trips with us to fly out of town

  10. join us each summer for international paragliding festivals and other advanced traininig courses

Parabatix Sky Racers in Dubai 2014, Pictured here are certainly the best Paramotor Pilots in the World, Legends, Champions ETC.

Parabatix Sky Racers in Dubai 2014, Pictured here are certainly the best Paramotor Pilots in the World, Legends, Champions ETC.

Flying the beaches @ Grande Isle, Louisiana

Flying the beaches @ Grande Isle, Louisiana